A unique Ramadan competition on ISLAMIwallet with prizes up to 3000USDT

win this ramadan

ISLAMICOIN, the leading cryptocurrency project, has announced a one-of-a-kind Ramadan competition on its unique wallet, ISLAMIwallet. The competition offers a chance to win prizes worth up to $3000 to everyone who participates

The competition is the first of its kind and offers participants a chance to win up to $3000 in prizes.

Open to all, it aims to encourage more people to use ISLAMIwallet and to promote the ISLAMICOIN project.

Participants can download the wallet from the App Store or Google Play Store, create an account, and participate to win.

The competition will run throughout the holy month of Ramadan, and winners will be announced at the end.
Participants must answer a daily quiz to earn points, the more points a user earns, the higher their chances of winning the prizes.

ISLAMICOIN’s founder, Eng. Jaafar Krayem, stated that the Ramadan competition is an opportunity to engage with the community and to showcase the benefits of using ISLAMIwallet.
“We want to show people that ISLAMICOIN is not just a cryptocurrency project, but a community-driven initiative ” he said.

ISLAMIwallet is a unique platform that offers many features, including recovery services, voting, halal only wallet, and P2P services.

The platform is committed to using blockchain technology to create a better financial system that is more accessible, secure, and transparent.

If you are interested in participating in the competition, download ISLAMIwallet from the App Store or Play Store, and register for the competition today!

Download ISLAMIwallet:
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