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Discover the Future of Gold Investment with iGold

iGold represents the intersection of gold’s timeless value and the innovation of blockchain technology. As a digital asset backed by physical gold, it offers security, stability, and a new dimension to gold investment.

iGold is an opportunity for low-income individuals to accumulate gold with small amounts and exchange it for actual ounces when purchasing a quantity of iGold that equals the weight of a gold ounce, which is 31.1034768 grams or 311.034768 iGold.

Why iGold Is Your Ultimate Gold Investment Solution?
Key Advantages

Experience gold ownership without the concerns of physical storage


Trade, save and participate in the gold market with small amounts and from anywhere


Aligns with Islamic financial principles for ethical investment.

Unveiling iGold's Features
Trading on ISLAMIwallet
Unlike physical gold, digital gold is stored securely within ISLAMIwallet, the crypto wallet from ISLAMICOIN ECOSYSTEM, mitigating risks and enabling users to profit from the unique features of the wallet.

Easy trading between iGold tokens and USDT tokens. By utilizing an innovative price monitoring mechanism, we ensure accurate and up-to-date pricing information for all transactions

Transparent and Sharia-Compliant: iGold is designed to comply with Islamic financial principles, ensuring ethical investment.

Low-Income Gold Accumulation: iGold allows small investments to accumulate over time.

Supporting iQrad, the Islamic Loan Project: iGold’s value extends beyond investment; it will play a role in the upcoming iQrad project from ISLAMICOIN, and will serve as a collateral for loans.

ISLAMI Currency Fee System: Part of the ISLAMICOIN community, iGold uses ISLAMI currency to create a sustainable ecosystem.

 1% percent of the USDT purchase value is fully burned and paid in ISLAMI currency, helping to create a deflationary environment and promote long-term sustainability.

Your Gold, Your Control
How can you use iGold?
Total Control

iGold tokens can also be easily redeemed for an equivalent amount of physical gold, allowing users to take possession of their gold assets whenever they choose, according to global market prices and during operational hours: Monday at 00:00 to Friday at 20:55 GMT (Refer to terms and conditions)

Gold Gifting for all occasions


Give the gift of gold for weddings, births, and special occasions.


Global Accessibility



Physical gold delivery available in Lebanon, UAE, France, and Switzerland.


The iGold smart contract has been meticulously designed using Solidity language on the Polygon blockchain. Additionally, the iGold contract has been audited by “Solid Proof”, a well-known German smart contract auditing company. This provides an additional layer of security and assurance to users, as the audit verifies that the contract code is free of errors and vulnerabilities.

iGold uses ISLAMI currency to create a sustainable ecosystem

Stay Informed and Engaged with iGold

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