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Welcome to iChain

iChain stands as a decentralized blockchain network devoted to nurturing halal-only projects, catalyzing an unprecedented transformation in the world of Islamic finance.

Built on the powerful Hyperledger Besu IBFT platform, iChain creates a space that empowers individuals, organizations, and projects aligned with the principles of the Islamic faith.

iChain Features
Exclusively Halal Projects

Witness how iChain’s commitment to halal projects nurtures an environment of trust and integrity for Islamic enterprises.

Smart Contracts & Blockchain Technology

Witness the revolutionary potential of smart contracts and blockchain in upholding transparency, security, and efficiency.

ISLAMICOIN Integration

Dive into the harmony of ISLAMICOIN’s integration, fostering flexibility and advancing its usage within the ISLAMICOIN ECOSYSTEM.


Advanced Technology

iChain is not just a blockchain platform, but a transformative tool that enables the growth and success of Sharia-compliant projects in a technologically advanced and globally accessible manner.

Islamic Principles

Our dedication to transparency, security, and adherence to Islamic principles sets us apart.

Halal Projects

As you explore the features section below, you’ll discover how iChain exclusively hosts halal projects, integrates smart contracts, supports Islamic finance (DeFi), and ensures the ethical computation of Zakat, in addition to many other features.

Security and Ethical Conduct: iChain's Core Principles
Crafting a Secure and Trusted Haven

Security Measures: Our advanced cryptographic safeguards and decentralized consensus mechanisms, uphold

security and ethical standards.

Benefits of iChain

Its decentralized nature empowers individuals and organizations to create and operate projects tailored to meet halal requirements, fostering innovation and catering to the specific needs of the Islamic community. This commitment to transparency and adherence to Sharia principles enhances trust and accountability.

Empowering Islamic Institutions

iChain propels Islamic institutions toward innovation and global expansion.

Transparent Transactions


 iChain offers transparent and automated smart contracts.

Global Accessibility


iChain's decentralized nature ushers in a new era of global participation.

Shariah-Compliant Protocol

Ensures integrity in every transaction, backed by a quarterly Sharia audit report issued by the CryptoHalal Office

Diverse Applications
Explore the horizons of iChain, empowering peer-to-peer lending, facilitating Islamic insurance, and enabling seamless trading of Sukuk.
Empowering Islamic Finance

Decentralized Islamic Finance: A New Era with iChain. Fostering Ethical Finance in the Digital Age

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iChain is the heart and soul of ISLAMICOIN ECOSYSTEM

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