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29 Mar: Do you need a loan that you can immediately obtain and repay without interests?iQrad is the answer!
07 Feb: ISLAMICOIN and iChain introduce the brand new iChain Blockchain Explorer, powered by iChainscan!
02 Jan: The launch of iBridge service from ISLAMICOIN Ecosystem, to facilitate seamless swaps of ISLAMI tokens between the Polygon network and iChain.
30 Dec: The detailed roadmap unveiled by ISLAMICOIN and iChain for 2024 is not just a plan
19 Dec: New partnership between ISLAMICOIN and House of WisDAO
01 Dec: ISLAMICOIN is Trending today on’s showroom
01 Dec: Earned with Excellence: ISLAMICOIN Circulation Supply Verified by Coin Market Cap!
26 Oct: The Press Release published on the Cointelegraph platform, about the international launch of iChain at the Future Blockchain Summit Dubai
18 Oct: iChain and ISLAMICOIN Unveil Groundbreaking Islamic Finance Solutions at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai
17 Oct: Eng.Jaafar Krayem Founder and CEO of ISLAMICOIN and iChain delivered an important speech at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai 2023
17 Oct: iChain’s Day 3 at the Future Blockchain Summit Dubai:
17 Oct: Big News from ISLAMICOIN!
17 Oct: ISLAMICOIN stand at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai has been bustling with enthusiastic visitors, ranging from experts, professionals, industry and business leaders
13 Sep: Shariah Audit Quarterly Report for ISLAMICOIN Project (April – July 2023)
01 Jul: iChain Begins Public Testing Phase, Outlines Development Roadmap
ISLAMICOIN Promises and fulfills!
01 Jul: iChain to be launched in Dubai in October 2023!
21 Jun: In an exclusive (AMA) session held by Crypto Genius on Telegram, ISLAMICOIN founder and CEO, Eng Jaafar Krayem, shared exciting updates on the project’s progress and upcoming launch of iChain
20 Jun: Mr. Jaafar Krayem, founder of Islamicoin, gave a lecture today to master’s students at the Lebanese University
20 Jun: Urgent: Important Announcement from ISLAMICOIN Founder Eng. Jaafar Krayem:
18 Jun: ISLAMICOIN announces the launch of the blessed Eid Al-Adha competition on blockchain through ISLAMIwallet.
06 Jun: ISLAMICOIN Initiative, the first of its kind in the world of cryptocurrency:
Another Reduction of Circulating Supply!
06 Jun: iChain, the modern blockchain technology dedicated for the deployment of smart contracts for the world of finance and businesses compliant with Islamic Sharia, is coming soon!
03 Jun: Maximum supply of ISLAMICOIN currency from 20 billion to 10 billion.
09 May: Are you worried about the collapse of banks and centralized exchanges?
06 May: Take control of your finances with iGold!
06 May: We remind you that iGold is bought and sold exclusively through ISLAMIwallet
04 May: More exciting developments from ISLAMICOIN!
04 May: Introducing “iQrad” one of the upcoming projects from ISLAMICOIN!
01 May: We are excited to announce the issuance of the fourth Sharia audit report for the ISLAMICOIN project which includes the iGold project’s review and comments!
01 May: Dear ISLAMICOIN community,
We are excited to announce the issuance of the fourth Sharia audit report for the ISLAMICOIN project
27 Apr: Launching iGold project: Full speech and details by Eng.Jaafar Krayem, ISLAMICOIN founder
26 Apr: We are thrilled to announce that Solid Proof has successfully completed the smart contract audit for iGlod!
26 Apr: The wait is almost over! iGold is on its way!
18 Jan: How to create a buying order of ISLAMICOIN via P2P service in ISLAMIwallet.
17 Jan: ISLAMICOIN founder launched the P2P service on ISLAMIwallet
13 Nov: ISLAMICOIN founder Eng.Jaafar Krayem announced the launch of a new updated version of its unique project, ISLAMIwallet
10 Nov: ISLAMICOIN partners are participating in the exhibition about the future of Media
09 Nov: ISLAMICOIN founder Eng.Jaafar Krayem announced today the launch of a new updated version of its unique project, ISLAMIwallet
08 Nov: ISLAMIwallet is now available in English and Arabic Languages!
19 Oct: ISLAMICOIN founder Eng.Jaafar Krayem announced the beginning of the first tests for ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN
12 Oct: One of ISLAMICOIN programming team members is participating in Gitex Dubai 2022
05 Oct: ISLAMICOIN founder Eng.Jaafar Krayem is participating in Crypto Expo Dubai 2022
27 Sep: A meeting between Dr. Mohammad Abou Jazr founder of Crypto Halal project and Eng.Jaafar Krayem ISLAMICOIN founder
02 Sep: ISLAMICOIN among the Top Gainers with Market Cap
02 Sep: ISLAMICOIN is Now Available on LBank Exchange
02 Sep: Ongoing Media Coverage!
01 Sep: ISLAMIwallet continues working on updates for a better experience and security.
31 Aug: What moves Cryptocurrency Markets?
29 Aug: 5 Months 5 Exchanges!
29 Aug: STARTING NOW you have the choice to buy ISLAMICOIN on 5 Exchange platforms
28 Aug: ISLAMICOIN will be listed on 2 exchanges within days
28 Aug: ISLAMICOIN among theTOP 5 Popular currencies on Cointiger
28 Aug: Share your views and vote GOOD! 
28 Aug: ISLAMICOIN is a now available on DEX DoDo for trade
26 Aug: ISLAMIwallet was the highlight of this month
22 Aug: ISLAMICOIN partners are one of the reasons behind our success
20 Aug: ISLAMICOIN team managed to bring 2 projects to life in a short period
19 Aug: ISLAMIwallet featured in one of the leading financial and cryptocurrency news platforms
19 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in Filipino
18 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in Vietnamese
18 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in Albanian
18 Aug: ISLAMIwallet, the all new, all secure Halal only crypto wallet for ISLAMICOIN
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in English
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in Chinese
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in Russian
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in Indonesian
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in Persian
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in Italian
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in Arabic
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in Spanish
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet launch in French
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet is on CRYPTOPOTATO
17 Aug: Bitcoin Ethereum News
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet is on TECHNOBHASKAR
17 Aug: ISLAMIwallet Unfolds Unique and Exclusive Features
16 Aug: ISLAMIwallet is on CryptoNews
16 Aug: ISLAMIwallet in Russian in Happy Coin
16 Aug: ISLAMIwallet is on CoinCheckup
16 Aug: ISLAMIwallet is on MarketWatch
16 Aug: ISLAMIwallet is on CoinChapter
16 Aug: ISLAMIwallet featured in #Cointelegraph
16 Aug: ISLAMIwallet is the world’s first Crypto Wallet that allows Recovery of your locked digital assets
04 Jul: ISLAMICOIN smart contract for ISLAMIwallet passes SolidProof Audit – Germany
04 Jul: Great insights in @PYMNTS Article about Islamic Fintech in 2022.
24 Jun: Summary of ISLAMICOIN Project Quarterly Shari’a Audit Report
02 Jun: Signing of a Cooperation Contract between Crypto Halal and the ISLAMedia platform
29 May: ISLAMedia Launching Conference at DISCOP DUBAI
11 Mar: ISLAMICOIN is approved Sharia Compliant

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Our Idea

ISLAMICOIN: a Sharia Compliant Certified Islamic Cryptocurrency for the Global Muslim Community and it is a core to develop iChain.

ISLAMICOIN smart contract is built and devised based on the latest blockchain technology developed by Polygon Network.


ISLAMedia: The First Pan Islamic  streaming platform that accepts cryptocurrencies payments.


ISLAMIwallet, for ISLAMICOIN & Sharia compliant crypto wallet. 


The Ultimate Gold Investment Solution, backed by real gold.


iChain, a Sharia-compliant  blockchain technology 

HALAL Cryptocurrency
ISLAMICOIN certified Sharia Compliant Islamic Cryptocurrency

CCrypto Halal Office certifies that  ISLAMICOIN project has taken into account the controls, standards and the sharia recommendations issued by Crypto Halal office for monitoring and Sharia auditing in all contracts and that the project is away from any forbidden Sharia violation.  Crypto Halal will continue to audit ISLAMICOIN on quarterly basis to ensure continual compliance. 

Watch Introductory Video
How will ISLAMICOIN revolutionize the world of online transactions among the global Muslim community.


ISLAMICOIN is the largest Islamic technology project that utilizes blockchain technology, in addition to media, commercial, financial, entertainment and charitable projects.
The project aims to build an Islamic blockchain that helps achieve financial independence for individuals, companies and charitable organizations in the global Islamic community in addition to building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that operates according to Islamic Sharia in its content and transactions.
ISLAMICOIN is a halal cryptocurrency and is the key for growing this project worldwide.
ISLAMICOIN was initially launched on Polygon network, with plans to be transferred later to the iChain network upon completion of its development that is utilizing the latest secure and reliable blockchain technologies.

Good to Know

Project Growth Forecast

ISLAMICOIN is expected to have huge growth potential in the coming years with multiple achievements following the successful launching of each project proposed, especially iChain. Moreover, each of ISLAMICOIN projects has broad prospects for growth and global expansion.
holders, whether individuals or companies will be reaping the profits of these projects in the future.
It is expected that the value of ISLAMICOIN and its cryptocurrency projects and businesses will reach billions of dollars in the next few years, God willing.

Bait Al-Mal

ISLAMICOIN team has allocated 5% of ISLAMICOIN total supply for Bait Al-Mal to be used for charitable causes. The percentage will be disseminated in a gradual manner that does not affect the price of ISLAMICOIN. The team will put together a voting system in which the ISLAMICOIN holders will be able to participate and vote for the charitably causes Bait Al- Mal will be funding (conditions will be determined later).


ISLAMICOIN has many major projects where ISLAMICOIN, the halal cryptocurrency, is the main payment method for in 1- ISLAMedia,  2- ISLAMIwallet, 3- iGold, 4- iChain, 5- iDex, 6- iQrad, 7- iGame, and 8-ISLAMImall

Some of these future projects will be converted into Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAOs), that ISLAMICOIN holders can contribute to while adhering to a transparent mechanism based on blockchain technology. This will allow each holder to view encrypted calculations and be provided with all the information regarding their tokens.


Roadmap 2021 – 2025
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Start Point

The Beginning
Where the Journey Started!
The idea of an ISLAMIC cryptocurrency, i.e.; Halal crypto currency for the global muslim community was born!
Q2 2021
Gearing Up
The Pre-launch
Project Start Up, Core Team Establishment, Research, Development, Private Sale Stages one & two. 
Website Construction, social media platforms development. Drafting the whitepaper.
Q3 2021
On the Track
Migrate ISLAMICOIN contract address to Polygon Blockchain Technology, Private Sale Stage 3, Website design, Launch Social Media Advertising Campaign, Publish ISLAMICOIN Team Members
Q4 2021
Pre-Public Sale
Public Sale Preparation

Free AirDrop of 200 Million ISLAMICOIN in honor of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) birth.
Publish Press Release.
Pre-Public Sale Announcement.
Signing contracts with Business Partners.
Begin ISLAMedia streaming platform development.

ISLAMICOIN passed technical audit done by Dessert Finance. (View Report)

Q1 2022
Incroporation & Sharia Compliance
ISLAMICOIN: Halal Cryptocurrency
ISLAMICOIN listed on DODO Exchange.
ISLAMICOIN announced as Sharia compliant cryptocurrency by Crypto Halal office. (View Report)
ISLAMIBLOCACHAIN LLC, officially incorporated in Delaware, under file number: 6407770 .
Q2 2022
First Project Launched and Public Trading Started
CoinTiger & ISLAMedia
Launching ISLAMedia Streaming Platform at the begining of Ramadan 1443H, 2022G.
Burned 50% of ISLAMICOIN total supply to become 10B instead of 20B.
Listing ISLAMICOIN  on CoinTiger crypto trading platform.
Developing ISLAMIwallet Application.
Q3 2022
Second Project
Launching ISLAMIwallet

Launching of ISLAMICOIN on additional trading platform.
Launching ISLAMIwallet Application.
Starting ISLAMIgame development.

Q4 2022
More Projects

Starting the development of ISLAMImall.
Starting the development of iChain.
Prepare ISLAMedia platform to be DAO (Decentralized Anonymous Organization).
Testing ISLAMIgame.
Developing blockchain voting system for ISLAMICOIN holders according specific conditions.

Q1 2023

Activating P2P exchange on ISLAMIwallet
Locking 50K ISLAMI to get a free ISLAMedia subscription service. (renewable while locking lasts)
Launching iDEX on Polygon.
Developing and launching ISLAMIgold on Polygon backed up by real gold.

Q2 2023
iChain is LIVE

iChain on mainnet.
Creating a swap between Polygon and ISLAMI chain.
Payment system integration for iChain on ISLAMIwallet.

Q3 2023
Initialization, Network Launch on Testnet for public

Date: 7-1-2023 Launch the iChain protocol, marking the birth of the first Shariah-Compliant Blockchain Protocol.

Introduce ISLAMI, the native digital asset, to power transactions and incentivize user participation.

AirDrop ISLAMI token on iChain for ISLAMIwallet users to participate in testing the network (token won’t be tradable for testing use only).

Q4 2023
iChain in Dubai & Smart Contracts Integration

Establish a feature to allow users to swap ISLAMI between the Polygon network and iChain, promoting seamless movement of assets across blockchain platforms.

Introducing iChain at Future of Blockchain summit in Dubai Oct 2023 and going online for the Mainnet in a big event.

Begin the development of versatile applications using EVM-compatible smart contracts, always ensuring unwavering adherence to Islamic rules and ethical guidelines.

Q1 2024
Exchange Integration and USDT Mapping

Form strategic partnerships with centralized exchanges, initiating the process to enable iChain network deposit and withdrawal.

Begin the development of USDT mapping from the Polygon network to iChain, offering users a stablecoin facility on the iChain network for transactions and trading.

Q2 2024
Supply Chain Transparency and Decentralized Islamic Finance

Launch the Halal Supply Chain Transparency feature, promoting trust and transparency among producers, vendors, and consumers in the Halal ecosystem.

Kickstart decentralized Islamic finance (DeFi) applications on iChain “iQrad”, facilitating peer-to-peer lending, Islamic insurance (Takaful), and Sukuk (Islamic bonds) trading.

Q3 2024
Decentralized Exchange Development (iDex) and P2P ISLAMI Exchange and Zakat feature

Embark on the development of iDex, a decentralized exchange on the iChain network. iDex will facilitate secure and transparent trading of various digital assets directly from user wallets.

Develop a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) exchange mechanism for the ISLAMI coin, encouraging direct transactions between participants without intermediaries.

Initiate the development and deployment of Zakat Smart Contracts, a unique feature designed to accurately compute Zakat in compliance with Islamic laws.

Q4 2024
iDex Launch, Vesting & Recovery Wallet, Voting Smart Contract

Officially launch iDex, enabling users to perform secure and direct wallet-to-wallet trading of digital assets.

Develop and launch a Vesting and Recovery Wallet Smart Contract, allowing users to set terms for the gradual release of their ISLAMI coins over a specific time period and ensure the recovery of assets in the event of lost access credentials.

Implement a Voting Smart Contract to promote democratic decision-making within the iChain community. This contract will allow token holders to propose and vote on changes to the network.

Q1 2025
Future Expansion and Enhancement

Continue to refine and enhance the iChain platform based on community input, expert consultation, and a steadfast commitment to Islamic principles.

Please note that actual timelines may slightly vary due to technical complexities, regulatory dynamics, and market conditions. Our priority will always be to deliver a secure, effective, and Shariah-compliant platform.

Team Highlights
Our Experience & Know-How

Certified Blockchain experts by Blockchain Council (Canada), Oxford University (UK) and other Tech-related certifications.


Rich experience in media production and distribution across several countries around the globe.


Companies and Project Management experience in Middle East, Europe and USA.

Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Jeff (1)
Jeff Krayem
Founder, Country: Lebanon 🇱🇧
Omar Najmeddine
Islamic Finance Consultant, Country: Canada 🇨🇦
Youssef Ibrahim
Developer, Country: Egypt 🇪🇬
Tahani Al-Nouri
Multimedia Specialist, Country: Syria 🇸🇾
Our Partners
Extra Guarantee for our Success
Jonathan Stuart (Hamza)
Enas Yacoub
Baby Clay
Hasan Krayem
Union Media
Information Security & Technology Company
Meta Identity
Blockchain Services Company
Union Media
Multimedia Production & Distribution
Go Smart Solutions
Digital Marketing Agency
Baby Clay
Media Production Company
Media Street
Safe Media
BAIT AL MAL (House of Funds)
ISLAMICOIN Token Contract Address:

The above-mentioned address is for the ISLAMICOIN token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. 

Payment Methods on our Projects:

The heart and soul of this project.

ISLAMICOIN the halal cryptocurrency that can be used as a payment method in all ISLAMICOIN projects.

Launched in August 2021.


A multilingual online video streaming platform that accepts payments in cryptocurrencies in addition to standard accepted payment methods. The content is compliant with Islamic culture and values. It was launched in both Arabic and English.


An encrypted digital wallet for storing and transferring ISLAMICOIN and other cryptocurrencies that comply with the laws of Islamic Sharia, in addition to containing applications for all ISLAMICOIN projects.

A group of multiple games providing entertainment, adventure, and valuable information. It operates according to programming techniques related to the blockchain and ISLAMICOIN currency.
(Coming Soon)

An online store that offers Islamic clothing, halal food and various goods and products. Payment can be made by using ISLAMICOIN in addition to the standard accepted payment methods.


The Islamic Shariah-compliant blockchain that can issue smart contracts for various technology companies, the business world, and cryptocurrencies.


Decentralized application on iChain facilitating peer-to-peer lending, Islamic insurance (Takaful), and Sukuk (Islamic bonds) trading, among other features.


ISLAMICOIN team has allocated 5% of ISLAMICOIN total supply for Bait Al-Mal. These funds will be used for charitable activities with high transparency.

Tracker & Tokenomics
(After Burning new Percentages)
ISLAMICOIN Total Supply: 20,000,000,000 ISLAMI
50% of them are already burned
Each transaction triggers a 2.5% transfer function from ISLAMICOIN contract address to Charity contract (Bait Al-Mal), the 2.5% are paid by ISLAMICOIN + 2.5% already allocated for Beit Al Mal.
0,0001667 USDT
ICO Participants
10 B
20 B Total Supply Cap
The Halal-Only Crypto Wallet
e-commerce_2-line-43 e-commerce_2-line-43
Personal Wallet

Sign in with fingerprint or Face ID to access wallet.

e-commerce_2-line-75 e-commerce_2-line-75
Smart Search

Home or iDex, iQrad and other ISLAMICOIN projects

e-commerce_2-line-64 e-commerce_2-line-64
Track Rates
To view cryptocurrency conversion prices.
Communication_1-line-24 Communication_1-line-24
Push Alerts
To get notifications about transactions, prices etc.
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In the News
Articles and Interviews with ISLAMICOIN team members.
quotes-1 quotes-1

…I invite the youth to invest in cryptocurrency, not just financially but also by learning the technology

Interview with the founder J. Krayyem on VDL.
quotes-1 quotes-1

…Cryptocurrencies provides the speed, security, and transparency over FIAT currencies.

Interview with the founder J. Krayyem on TL.

quotes-1 quotes-1

…I hope that ISLAMICOIN’s launch will bring a new dawn for the whole Muslim World

ISLAMICOIN founder J. Krayyem, on the of launching ISLAMICOIN on CoinTiger
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