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ISLAMICOIN is a cryptocurrency targeted towards the global muslim community.

ISLAMICOIN is currently available on CoinTiger.

Follow These Instructions

Open Trust Wallet
Click the icon at the upper right corner
Scroll till the bottom of the page
Click “Add Custom Token”
Click Network
Choose Polygon
Enter Contract Address: 0x9c891326fd8b1a713974f73bb604677e1e63396d
Symbol: ISLAMI
Decimal: 7

Open Trust Wallet
Click Copy Address (the icon to your right under the name of ISLAMICOIN)
This will be your Wallet Address

 First you must download Trust Wallet and add ISLAMICOIN by following the steps above.
Next click the link below
Enter your RECEIVE ISLAMICOIN Wallet Address
Enter your Email
Sit back and relax, you will receive your coins on October 19, 2021

If you run into any issues please contact us or chat with us on telegram here:

No. ISLAMICOIN is for all.

There are seven project targets for ISLAMICOIN: ISLAMedia, ISLAMall, ISLAMIgame, ISLAMIwallet, ISLAMetaverse, ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN.

You can benefit from ISLAMICOIN by being an early ‘holder’ and see your profit maximisation increase as we move towards a formal listing on a global exchange. Furthermore, you can benefit by seeing 2.5% of each transaction that takes place on the “Contract” helping a charitable or humanitarian organisation.

We are a globally dispersed team spanning from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

10 Billion ISLAMI. Note that the original total supply was 20B, but the it was burnt by 50% prior to launching, thus, the total supply may still be showing as 20B on some platforms, but the actual total supply is 10B.


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