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Financial Report-Private Sale

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Assalam Alaykom,

Below is a brief statement and update on the financial report of ISLAMICOIN.

The ISLAMICOIN team is proud to announce that the value of the FREE AIRDROP campaign to honor the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) amounted to more than $13,000.

We are also pleased to announce to our valued investors that ISLAMICOIN has succeeded in raising $61,057 in the private sale phase that ended on 19/10/2021.

The following amounts have been disbursed:

– $650 Development of the currency contract and its transfer to polygon technology.
– $1939 Development of the ISLAMICOIN website and purchase of a number of domain names for upcoming projects
-$3745 Designing posters and videos and launching an advertising campaign on the communication sites for the FREE AirDrop on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birth including publishing promotional materials on several websites
– $110 transfer commissions and various expenses
————————————————– ——————–
Total expenses = $6444

$54613 is the remaining balance.

For the remaining balance, a percentage will be allocated for the advertising campaign for the initial sale stage, and another amount will be used to further develop the ISLAMIMALL/e-commerce website, and lastly, a percentage will be kept to finance the liquidity in the trading platforms.

We will inform you later on the results of the current initial stages of sale.

Investing at the beginning of ISLAMICOIN project is more profitable and productive than investing late.

Invest NOW

🟡 Buy Directly from website Using MetaMask or Trust Wallet “Pay in Polygon (Matic)” (Website:https://https:///

🟡 ISLAMICOIN Contract Address: 0x9c891326Fd8b1a713974f73bb604677E1E63396D

🟡 Pay USDT (Network: Polygon / ERC20 / BEP20) To: 0xfDBE91eA896F0bba4D233Bb1B72DfEE42E6fcb68

🟡 Pay USDT (Network: TRC20 Tron) To : TVB6JPraR1docU5vbcdoSrHpeHyaZMfPcY

🟡 Pay USDT (Network: BEP2) To: bnb15mtd766swu6vtx6qe4nxx2pvq00e0xlsypls3y

🟡 Pay SMART CHAIN (BSC): 0xfDBE91eA896F0bba4D233Bb1B72DfEE42E6fcb68

🟡 Pay BNB (Network: BEP2): bnb15mtd766swu6vtx6qe4nxx2pvq00e0xlsypls3y

🟡 Pay Ethereum ETH: 0xfDBE91eA896F0bba4D233Bb1B72DfEE42E6fcb68

🟡 Pay Bitcoin BTC: bc1qfmmryx7vvs25vkkyfzp0asrls3emcwhzdwdwzv

✅Once sent, share your ISLAMICOIN Trust Wallet Address with the transaction hash to our Team on WhatsApp +33760830235 and our team will send your ISLAMICOIN to the address given.


Please allow 24-48 hours from USDT sent to one of our addresses above for our team to send ISLAMICOIN to your TRUST Wallet. If there are any problems that you encounter during this process please don’t hesitate to contact us through ISLAMICOIN Telegram Chat or WhatsApp: +33760830235

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