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The First Pan – Islamic digital video streaming platform payable by cryptocurrency ISLAMICOIN is proud to announce that a contract between ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN USA & GO SMART SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL was sealed , to develop ISLAMedia , the first digital Pan – Islamic online streaming media platform accepting USDT and ISLAMICOIN currencies , and a main pillar of the project . ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN manager Mr. Jonathan Stuart stated that ” We’ve combined some of the best technology in the world to bring the global Muslim community into the fold of video streaming services . ISLAMedia will be the first of its kind in accepting cryptocurrency from subscribers while offering high quality content geared towards the Muslim world . This project is one of many that were launching in 2022 and its only going to get better and better ISLAMEDIA will offer online programs for the entire family , accessible through subscription using ISLAMICOIN special offers and prices , in addition to other online payment methods to be announced . The diverse highly competitive Muslim themed content will range from Islamic programs to entertainment and drama , in addition to education , culture , family – oriented programs , children’s programs and others . Ongoing negotiations are taking place between ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN and a number of production houses in the Middle East and Gulf region , to provide Muslim themed content on ISLAMedia platform , both in English and Arabic languages . Companies and programs will be announced in details before the official launch of ISLAMedia online by the end of March 2022 , coinciding with the date of ISLAMICOIN listing .

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