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iChain’s Day 3 at the Future Blockchain Summit Dubai:


iChain’s Day 3 at the Future Blockchain Summit Dubai:
An important event unfolded as Eng. Jaafar Krayem, Founder, and CEO of ISLAMICOIN and iChain, took the stage to deliver a remarkable speech. The event marked a significant introduction of iChain to a diverse audience, including summit participants, experts, professionals, investors, media representatives, and various visitors from the worldwide blockchain community. Eng. Jaafar Krayem’s speech provided valuable insights and exciting updates, setting the tone for an eventful day at the Future Blockchain Summit -Dubai 2023
Visits to the iChain stand continued, with notable attendees including the IT Minister of Pakistan, Dr. Umar Saif who was introduced to the innovative features of iChain and its profound impact as a technological force with the potential to revolutionize multiple sectors and paving the way for a promising future in blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai!

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