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ISLAMICOIN Founder Interview with Annahar


One of the most prominent Arab newspapers Annahar, sheds light on ISLAMICOIN founder Jaafar Krayem and the projects, describing it as “One of the successful stories in the field of cryptocurrencies in our Arab world “, recounting the biography of the young engineer Jaafar Krayem, who recently founded ISLAMICOIN and developed its smart contract in a way that is compatible with Islamic Sharia.
In the detailed interview Krayem recalls the story behind ISLAMICOIN project and success, and the importance of launching a “Halal currency”, “because many Muslims around the world are interested in trading within the rules of Islamic Sharia.
At the same time ISLAMICOIN is a global international project that have investors who come from different religions, countries and cultures.

Mr Krayem revealed for the first time one of the most important features of ISLAMIwallet which will be launched in the Blessed Eid al-Adha.
In addition to being a halal currency storage platform, ISLAMIwallet is the only wallet in the world to have a recovery wallet that protects the loss of money in the event of theft, loss of passwords, or the death of its owner.
Noting that the features and conditions were audited by a German company prior to execution.
Adding to that ISLAMICOIN projects can be activated with just one of its buttons, along with other features that are exclusive to ISLAMIwallet.

Mr Krayem stressed that “when we mention Islam, we must take responsibility for the name, and everything must be under the rule of Islamic Sharia”
He continued, “This made ISLAMICOIN go to the source to make every step of ISLAMICOIN journey safe for Muslims, and to make the Islamic community more involved in modern technology and the world of cryptocurrency.”
The future of ISLAMICOIN will witness more projects, including ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN, ISLAMImall, which will be an online market place for exchange and sale of Halal goods, using cryptocurrency, and ISLAMIgame which will present games full of adventures, education, and are safe for children.
Noting that ISLAMedia the first project from ISLAMICOIN was successfully launched and is actively offering hundreds of hours of Muslim and family themed programs, and a regional office under the name of Islamic Blockchain Technology was recently opened in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

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