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The audio message of ISLAMICOIN founder Eng. Jaafar Krayem about the latest updates of the project


Assalamm Alaykum

Dear ISLAMICOIN community
Today we present to you the latest developments in ISLAMICOIN project

First, concerning ISLAMIwallet application, the team is working on adding the Recovery feature for halal currencies on the Polygon network, and Insha’Allah we will complete the integration of the smart contract for this feature with the application as soon as possible to make it available in the next version, the user will be able to lock USDT or USDC currency and benefit from the Recovery service and security by smart contract.

Secondly, subscribing to Crypto Halal services will be available directly from ISLAMIWallet, using ISLAMI to pay, and a 15% discount will be given for those who subscribe through ISLAMIwallet application

We are working on many developments for the application, and we are waiting for a response from Walletconnect to include ISLAMIwallet within the approved wallets.

Today we are preparing to participate in “Crypto Expo Dubai”, I will be there in person two days from now to hold many meetings during the exhibition, and I will keep you updated about the details.

During this week we will announce the official opening of voting on ISLAMIwallet in order to work on the new feature in the application.

Insha’Allah, after the Dubai exhibition, there will be a very important meeting for the project’s board of directors, in which we will decide and define the upcoming projects within the roadmap for 2023, the most important of which are ISLAMImall and ISLAMIgame

May Allah grant us success, and we ask for your support and trust

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