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A Live Conversation About the Upcoming Release of ISLAMIwallet

ja3far islamiwallet

For the first time, a live conversation about the upcoming release of ISLAMIwallet, took place between the founder of ISLAMICOIN, Eng. Jaafar Krayem, and members of ISLAMICOIN community, on Twitter audio space.
After months of development and research, Mr. Krayem announced that ISLAMIwallet, the first wallet for storing halal currencies is now ready to be launched.
He pointed out that the programming and design work has been completed to create a secure wallet that has unique features, stating that ISLAMIwallet will be the first wallet in the world to offer the recovery wallet feature, through another wallet that protects the loss of locked currencies and contracts in the event of theft, loss of passwords or death of its owner, according to some conditions to be announced later.
He confirmed that the German auditing network Solidproof had audited the smart contract related to the wallet and its features.

The Bull Blockchain Law Company, which specializes in legal cryptocurrency transactions in Pennsylvania, USA, is currently finalizing the terms and conditions of use, and the team has submitted a request to include ISLAMIwallet application in Apple Store and Play Store.
ISLAMIwallet also offers a service that allows investors to vote and participate in some important decisions and projects.
Work continues on features that will be gradually available, most notably the P2P buying and selling service, and a feature that helps in calculating Zakat and paying it to approved organizations specialized in receiving Zakat, in addition to many other features and services that will come successively.

Mr. Krayem also thanked the team working in Lebanon, the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Germany, for their tireless work to complete the project in record time.

ISLAMIwallet, the second project of ISLAMICOIN, will be available as soon as Apple Store and Play Store publish it.

To listen to the full interview:

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