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iChain Begins Public Testing Phase, Outlines Development RoadmapISLAMICOIN Promises and fulfills!

launching of ichain.

iChain Begins Public Testing Phase, Outlines Development Roadmap
ISLAMICOIN Promises and fulfills!

iChain, the pioneering Shariah-compliant blockchain, has officially commenced its public testing phase, marking an exciting new chapter in its development. This phase allows iChain to refine its network, address any potential issues, and gather valuable feedback from its community members.

Looking ahead, ISLAMICOIN founder Eng. Jaafar Krayem has outlined its development roadmap, highlighting key milestones and features that will shape its future. These include showcasing iChain at the prestigious “Future of Blockchain summit” in Dubai, integrating smart contracts, enabling iChain on centralized platforms, launching Halal supply chain transparency, and developing a decentralized exchange (iDex) and a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) ISLAMI exchange, among other initiatives.

The roadmap reflects iChain’s commitment to continuously improving based on community input, expert consultation, and a strong adherence to Islamic principles. iChain is set to revolutionize the blockchain industry by offering a secure, effective, and Shariah-compliant platform that embraces innovation and ethics.
The video and the detailed message of ISLAMICOIN founder:

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