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In an exclusive (AMA) session held by Crypto Genius on Telegram, ISLAMICOIN founder and CEO, Eng Jaafar Krayem, shared exciting updates on the project’s progress and upcoming launch of iChain


ISLAMICOIN Founder Eng Jaafar Krayem: Building a Sharia-Compliant Crypto for the Global Muslim Community
In an exclusive Ask Me Anything (AMA) session held by Crypto Genius on Telegram, ISLAMICOIN founder and CEO, Eng Jaafar Krayem, shared exciting updates on the project’s progress and upcoming launch of iChain, a groundbreaking blockchain platform designed to operate within the boundaries of Sharia regulations. Krayem, a prominent blockchain expert and solidity developer, unveiled the vision and mission behind ISLAMICOIN, aiming to provide a secure and compliant digital currency for the global Muslim community.
ISLAMICOIN’s primary objective is to establish an ecosystem that promotes the widespread use of its cryptocurrency. During the AMA session, Krayem highlighted the ongoing projects and outlined the future roadmap of ISLAMICOIN.
ISLAMICOIN, designed specifically for the Muslim community, offers a range of advantages, including projects like ISLAMedia, which provides an online video platform tailored to users’ needs.
Additionally, ISLAMICOIN introduced iGold, enabling the trading of real gold on the blockchain and facilitating payments using the cryptocurrency. The ISLAMIwallet, with its various services and recovery wallet feature, ensures the security of users’ assets, further enhancing the platform’s appeal.
Looking ahead, ISLAMICOIN has an ambitious roadmap that includes the development of iDex, an innovative decentralized exchange aimed at providing a user-friendly and secure trading experience while adhering to Sharia regulations. The roadmap also encompasses several new projects that expand the scope and utility of the ISLAMICOIN ecosystem, offering users opportunities to engage and participate in various sectors aligned with Islamic finance principles.
He highlighted that, in order to raise awareness and engagement, ISLAMICOIN has been proactive in issuing press releases and launching media campaigns. These efforts aim to create buzz around the project and showcase the benefits of participating in the ISLAMICOIN ecosystem. By leveraging strategic media outreach, ISLAMICOIN seeks to attract both mainstream and niche audiences, fostering a deeper understanding of its mission and vision.
Partnerships play a vital role in the growth and success of ISLAMICOIN, as emphasized by Jaafar Krayem during the AMA session. ISLAMICOIN actively seeks collaborations with organizations, businesses, and institutions that share their vision and can contribute to the growth and adoption of ISLAMICOIN. Additionally, securing listings on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges provides ISLAMICOIN with exposure to a wider audience and easy accessibility for users to trade the token.

Jaafar Krayem’s announcement regarding the forthcoming launch of iChain and the comprehensive roadmap for future development showcases the team’s dedication to creating a robust and inclusive ecosystem.
With a focus on value, accessibility, and adherence to Sharia regulations, ISLAMICOIN aims to establish itself as a leading cryptocurrency platform for the Muslim community and beyond.

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