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ISLAMICOIN announces the launch of the blessed Eid Al-Adha competition on blockchain through ISLAMIwallet.


ISLAMICOIN announces the launch of the blessed Eid Al-Adha competition on blockchain through ISLAMIwallet.
Terms and conditions:

Participating in the ISLAMICOIN Eid Al-Adha competition implies agreeing to the following terms and conditions:
1-Anyone is eligible to participate in the competition through the updated ISLAMIwallet application.
2- Ownership of ISLAMICOIN or any digital currency is not required to participate.
3- The competition will run for three days only: 28/29/30 – 6 – 2023.
4- Each participant will receive ten questions daily through the application during the three days of Eid, and they must choose the answer from three options.
5- After answering the questions, participants must press the “submit” button to confirm their answers; otherwise, the answer will not be counted.
6- If the allocated time of 10 seconds for each question is exceeded, participants will lose the opportunity to answer and will proceed to the next question automatically.
7- Participants can only answer the ten questions once per day, and if they do not answer they cannot go back to previous questions.
8- Any attempt to retrieve or delete the application and reload it to access the questions of the following day will be considered a violation of the terms, resulting in disqualification from the competition.
9- Correct answers will earn one point each.
10- The total points will be calculated automatically and can be tracked through the blockchain.
11- In the event of multiple winners in the same rank, the designated prize will be divided equally among them.
12- Each participant will receive randomly generated questions, which may differ from those of other participants.
13- The prizes will be distributed on the evening of 1/7/2023.
14- The prizes will be exclusively paid in iGold currency to the addresses of the winning wallets and cannot be paid in cash or transferred to another wallet.
15- Winners have the option to sell the awarded iGold immediately through ISLAMIwallet or retain it according to iGold’s trading terms.
16- ISLAMICOIN is not responsible for any loss of wallet access or secret codes.
17- The competition questions will cover information about ISLAMICOIN, its projects, Islamic culture, and general knowledge.
18- Competition prizes:
1st Prize: 100 iGold, valued at approximately $630.
2nd Prize: 80 iGold, valued at approximately $500.
3rd Prize: 60 iGold, valued at approximately $375.
As an incentive, the competition will also award ten participants who participate throughout the three days, their wallets will be selected through an automatic draw, and each of them will win 5 iGold.
Note: 1 iGold = 0.1 grams of gold = $6.3 approximately

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