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The detailed roadmap unveiled by ISLAMICOIN and iChain for 2024 is not just a plan

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The detailed roadmap unveiled by ISLAMICOIN and iChain for 2024 is not just a plan; as we navigate through each quarter, we draw a clear vision of the journey ahead!
Check the ISLAMICOIN and iChain Combined Roadmap 2024:

Q1 2024: Exchange Integration, USDT Mapping, and Investor Outreach
● USDT Mapping Development: Develop USDT mapping from Polygon to iChain for stablecoin transactions.
● Investor Attraction Campaign: Launch a campaign to attract direct investors to ISLAMICOIN.
● ISLAMIwallet Features Upgrade: Enhance ISLAMIwallet with advanced security and user interface improvements.

Q2 2024: Supply Chain Transparency, Decentralized Islamic Finance, and Strategic Partnerships
● Halal Supply Chain Transparency: Launch a transparency feature in the Halal ecosystem.
● iQrad DeFi Applications: Start decentralized Islamic finance applications on iChain.
● Partnership Development: Form strategic partnerships in fintech and blockchain sectors.
● Community Growth Initiatives: Enhance community engagement through various initiatives.

Q3 2024: iDex Development, P2P ISLAMI Exchange
● iDex Development: Begin building iDex, a decentralized exchange on iChain.
● P2P ISLAMI Exchange Mechanism: Develop a Peer-to-Peer exchange for ISLAMI.
● Zakat Smart Contracts: Initiate development of Zakat computation contracts.

Q4 2024: iDex Launch, Smart Contract Innovations, and Regulatory Compliance
● iDex Official Launch: Release iDex for wallet-to-wallet trading.
● Vesting & Recovery Wallet Contract: Launch a smart contract for ISLAMI coin.
● Voting Smart Contract: Implement a contract for community decision-making.
● Regulatory Alignment: Ensure compliance with global cryptocurrency regulations.
● Market Expansion Efforts: Explore new markets for ISLAMICOIN and iChain.

Q1 2025: Future Expansion and Enhancement
● iChain Platform Enhancement: Continue refining iChain based on community feedback.

Note: This roadmap is subject to change based on market trends, regulatory changes, and
technological advancements. Our commitment is to provide a secure, innovative, and

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