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The Press Release published on the Cointelegraph platform, about the international launch of iChain at the Future Blockchain Summit Dubai


Dear ISLAMICOIN Community
We are pleased to share with you the English translation of the Press Release published on the Cointelegraph platform, about the international launch of iChain at the Future Blockchain Summit Dubai, noting that Cointelegraph is considered the world’s leading media platform specializing in delivering the latest and most important news in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies:
iChain’s International Launch at Future Blockchain Summit: A Milestone in Islamic Finance

The Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai witnessed the international launch of iChain, under the visionary leadership of Founder and CEO Eng. Jaafar Krayem.
This important event, which took place after initial testing with the community, signals a significant milestone for the unique blockchain exclusively dedicated to hosting halal-only projects within the ISLAMICOIN ecosystem . The platform is now live on Mainnet, allowing users to withdraw and deposit ISLAMI on the iChain network through Lbank. This unique capability sets iChain apart, making it a standout platform in the world of Islamic finance
In a captivating presentation at the Future Blockchain Summit, Eng. Jaafar Krayem introduced the world to the transformative potential of iChain and ISLAMICOIN. The audience was a diverse blend of summit participants, industry experts, professionals, investors, media representatives, and visitors from the worldwide blockchain community. This introduction set the tone for an eventful day at the Future Blockchain Summit – Dubai 2023
The core mission of iChain and ISLAMICOIN is to reshape the Islamic finance industry by providing efficient, secure, and easily accessible financial solutions to Muslims worldwide. Their vision is to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, enhancing the financial well-being of individuals while preserving the values of Islamic finance.
ISLAMICOIN & iChain partnered with Denter Cloud to provide iChain blockchain Technology that redefined the game with its pioneering use of Consensys permissions for contract deployment. This unique approach restricts contract deployment to network administrators, ensuring utmost security, while allowing anyone to transact and call contracts without the need for special permissions,creating a secure and compliant ecosystem.
Technical Innovations
Eng. Jaafar Krayem highlighted two technical innovations that will significantly impact the Islamic finance landscape:
• Raspberry Pi Nodes: iChain and ISLAMICOIN have adopted a forward-thinking approach by deploying nodes on Raspberry Pi, providing an efficient, low-cost, and secure solution that underscores their commitment to innovation.
• Mobile Lite Node: A groundbreaking mobile app is in development, capable of running as a lite node to enhance security and accessibility for users. This innovation promises to redefine the Islamic finance experience, using Bluetooth technology to efficiently track other lite nodes and securely share data, further enhancing the platform’s functionality.
Key Projects
The iChain and ISLAMICOIN Ecosystem portfolio comprises a series of groundbreaking projects, each designed to address specific needs and presenting solutions within Islamic finance.
ISLAMICOIN: A halal cryptocurrency designed to meet the unique financial needs of the Muslim community, ensuring adherence to Shariah principles and enabling secure and compliant digital transactions. ISLAMICOIN serves as the cornerstone of the ISLAMICOIN ecosystem, with listings on renowned centralized and decentralized exchanges such as LBank, Cointiger, Digifinex, Coinstore, and DoDo, in addition to iDex and the P2P feature on ISLAMIwallet
• iChain: A dedicated blockchain platform exclusively focused on ethical projects that also has a real use in the real world, acting as a catalyst for innovation and development, creating a space for entrepreneurs to bring their ethical and halal-centric ideas to life.
• iGold: A digital asset backed by physical gold, combining the security of precious metals with the ease and accessibility of digital currency.
• iQrad: An innovative Islamic loan solution tailored for small businesses. Using iGold as a collateral, designed to support their growth and success.
• ISLAMIwallet: A unique crypto wallet with numerous features, including a Recovery Wallet for enhanced security and peer-to-peer (P2P) services, making it a versatile tool for those in the Islamic finance sphere.
In a competitive market, iChain and ISLAMICOIN stand out due to their unique approach to resolving the industry’s longstanding challenges. Their commitment to both tradition and innovation positions them as leaders in Islamic finance transformation.
A dedicated team of experts in blockchain technology, Islamic finance, and multimedia is the driving force behind the vision and execution of iChain and ISLAMICOIN. Their collective expertise fuels the ambition to reshape Islamic finance fundamentally.
With a commitment to innovation, security, transparency, and adherence to Islamic principles, iChain and ISLAMICOIN have set a new standard for the industry.
For inquiries, please contact: Eng.Jaafar Krayem +961 81 202 297

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